Business cards printing

Business Cards

Business cards are an extension of sure fire way to advertise your unique brand value, so the design and print quality must be perfect. — instantly! That is why choosing this type of design, that will not only effectively represent your company, but simultaneous market your product or service to potentially new clients, is absolutely imperative.

At 3@1, we can print business cards, flyers, posters, invites, menu’s, certificates and more! We have top-notch equipment in-store.

Features of business cards printing

Processing: Standard, Cutting, Single folded, Round corners, Perforation
Size: 55x85mm, 50x90mm, 55x90mm, 50x85mm
Paper/Material: 350gsm Matt, 400gsm Matt, 350gsm Gloss, 400gsm Gloss, CERES, GASPRA, PEGASUS, APUS, AQUILA, MONOCEROS, CENTAURUS, TITANIA, OBERON, ENCELADUS, TRITON, ADONIS, TriPlex Mangue, TriPlex Vermillion, TriPlex Slate, TriPlex Amazone, TriPlex Midnight, TriPlex Lynx
Colors: CMYK, Black and White
Sides: 1 Side, 2 Sides
Refining: No Refining, Lamination, Soft Touch Lamination, Spot-UV, 3d-UV, SPOT-UV & Soft Touch Lamination, UV-Varnish one Side, UV-Varnish both Side, GLOSS Lamination, MATT Lamination, BC Lamination Single Sided, BC Lamination Double Sided, PBC Lamination Single Sided MATT, PBC Lamination Single Sided GLOSS, PBC Lamination Double Sided MATT, PBC Lamination Double Sided GLOSS

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